Reasons To Purchase Or Replace Your Outdoor Lights With Gemstone Lights!

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When it comes to lighting up residential or commercial properties, people often focus on the interiors more and overlook the exteriors. Investing in the ideal outdoor lighting can really enhance the beauty of a property and improve its safety and security. Moreover, it can increase the functionality of the space by allowing you to take full advantage of it even after dusk.

If you are interested in improving the illumination around the exteriors of your home or business, the electrical experts at Kinetic Building Solutions Inc. suggest you choose Gemstone Lights for your lighting needs. The architectural lighting solutions available at Gemstone Lights are designed to highlight your property and reduce energy consumption. That means along with better curb appeal and sufficient illumination, you also get to save money.

Benefits of Gemstone Lights
1. Durable lights

If you’re looking for lighting options that will last you beyond three-sixty-five days in the year, Gemstone Lights has precisely what you need! With their durable lighting options, you don’t have to change your bulbs or lamps outside for a very long time. This is especially beneficial if you plan to install your light fixtures high up and need to call up a professional to change them.

2. Automated features
Another benefit you receive from these architectural lights is automated control. That way, you never forget to turn your lights on or off again. With the use of their free app from Gemstone Lights, you can turn all of your property lights on or off whenever you want. The automated features allow you to enjoy custom lighting moods or celebrations as well. Their inbuilt systems enable you also to dim them on-demand or schedule a theme for every day or hour as you please.

3. Seamless design
Switching to Gemstone Lights offers you a range of outdoor lighting options that can be customized to blend into the structure of your home during installation. Their seamless design makes them easy to fit into place and appear as they are part of your home.

4. Endless possibilities
With the free automation app available for iOS and Android, you can think of endless display ideas to create anything you desire. The app also offers several templates for you to choose from along with settings to build your own custom layout.

How much do architectural lights cost?
Installing architectural lighting for a typical 2000 sq.ft., two-story house can be anywhere between $2000 to $3000. If your lighting requirements or the measurements of your home differ, it’s best if we come by to assess your needs and measure the site to provide you with a free no-obligation quote. If you plan to add more lights to other parts of your home in the future, know that the system is expandable so you can add as many lights as you like in the future if your choose to.

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